January 15, 2024: IDF: The Chief of the General Staff visited today (Monday) the Yahalom Unit of the Combat Engineering Corps, which is operating in all arenas.

Footage from the Chief of the General Staff’s talk with the soldiers: https://bit.ly/3vEyZe3

Related footage: https://bit.ly/48LqUTi

Related photos: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC5465

Attached are the full remarks of the Chief of the General Staff: “In this campaign, we are making a very clear statement to the entire region – the State of Israel wants to live here. There are many reservists here; we brought them in from their lives, for three months already, away from their families, from their work, and from their studies. The State of Israel wants to develop and advance with routine life, but when there are such threats and when such things happen, the entire country and the whole population, out of a sense of duty to the country, mobilize to come and are indeed ready to do everything, including endanger their lives, and the statement is a statement to the entire region. Whoever deals with us in this way, even when something difficult happens, our response is very piercing, very strong, very resolute. This has been the case over the last hundred days, and so it will be going forward until we complete all our missions, until we are victorious, and it will be complex, we have many more complexities ahead. We also experienced terror today in Ra’anana, you see, inspiration is drawn from things in Gaza. And you see the cruelty. These are not brave people who come to fight you, warriors, soldiers and the army, these are people who come into a city and attack civilians during their daily routine and run them over on sidewalks – and there is only one response to these things. Tonight, we will deploy forces in Gaza, to continue to fight the terrorists, we will deploy forces in Judea and Samaria to continue to combat terrorist infrastructure, we will deploy forces on the Lebanon border to continue to fight and destroy terrorist infrastructure. In all these places, every night, the Yahalom Unit is present, and I have great appreciation for you, for all those not here and for those who are now carrying out and preparing to carry out operational activities.”

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