January 16, 2024 IDF: A Hamas terror tunnel underneath the Salah al-Din Road, which connects the northern and southern Gaza Strip was dismantled by the 646th Brigade and the Yahalom Unit:

In a coordinated operation of the 646th Brigade and the Yahalom Unit, the forces dismantled a strategic Hamas underground route, which was located underneath the Salah al-Din Road and crossed under Wadi Gaza. The route, which stretches for hundreds of meters and is approximately 9 meters deep, was used by Hamas for the transfer of terrorists from the northern to the southern Gaza Strip.

Due to the forces’ operation in the area, an alternative route was opened.

Aerial photograph of the area in which the tunnel route was located: https://bit.ly/423rk4U

Footage of the terror tunnel located by the forces: https://bit.ly/48ZfHhX

Footage of the dismantling of the tunnel route by the forces: https://bit.ly/3S8h9rA

Footage of a tunnel shaft located by the forces:https://bit.ly/3vAsZ5X

Sync of the Commanding Officer of the 8105th Battalion, LTC. Erez:https://bit.ly/3Sgy3oZ

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