January 19, 2024: IDF: A short while ago, IDF systems identified a UAV that crossed from Lebanon in the maritime area of northern Israel. The Iron Dome Aerial Defense System successfully intercepted the target.

A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck launch posts, military compounds, and terrorist infrastructure belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the area the town of Ramyeh in southern Lebanon.

In the area of the towns of Houla and Kfarkela, this morning, the IDF struck using fighter jets, mortar shells, and tanks Hezbollah observation posts and terrorist infrastructure.

Hezbollah’s ongoing terrorist activity and attacks against Israel violate UN Security Council Resolution 1701. The IDF will continue to defend its borders from any threat.

Furthermore, last night (Thursday), in response to launches toward the Golan Heights, IDF tanks struck military infrastructure belonging to the Syrian Army.

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