January 20, 2024: IDF: “There is no area without a tunnel shaft, no school or mosque without weapons”; The 55th Brigade operating in Khan Yunis.

In the past few days, the 55th Brigade’s forces have been operating against the Eastern Khan Yunis Battalion. During the operation, the forces engaged the enemy, and eliminated a terrorist squad in close-quarters combat. The forces scanned a central Hamas combat zone, neutralized an underground route, dismantled tunnel shafts, located and neutralized observation posts.

Guided by precise intelligence, the forces conducted a targeted raid on terror infrastructure where dozens of rocket launchers, explosive devices and intelligence documents were located. The rocket launchers were dismantled.

In the operation, a soldier of the 71st Battalion, was killed in action. Three IDF soldiers were injured.

Video of the forces’ operation in Khan Yunis, and of a tunnel discovered by the forces: https://bit.ly/3S2An1H

Audio recording of the Commanding Officer of the 271st Battalion, LTC Yosef: ef: https://bit.ly/47D1rKE

Photos of the rocket launchers and weapons discovered by the forces in the area: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC540789231

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