January 21, 2024: IDF: A weapons production site in a backyard and a loaded rocket launcher in an olive grove: Yiftah Brigade forces are operating in Al-Maghazi

The soldiers of the Yiftach Brigade operated in the Al-Maghazi area against Hamas terrorist infrastructure located near and inside civilian buildings in the area.

Armored Corps and Combat Engineering forces also operated in a Hamas command and control center where a weapons production site was located. A loaded rocket launcher was located in a nearby olive grove. The factories, the weapons and the rocket launcher were destroyed by the IDF.

During the operations, an RPG was fired toward an IDF tank. The forces identified the terrorist cell that carried out the shooting and returned fire. Simultaneously, the Fire Control Center guided an aircraft to target and eliminate a number of the terrorists. After IDF soldiers identified an additional terrorist armed with an RPG who fled the area, the soldiers engaged the terrorist in close-quarters combat and eliminated him.

Footage of the Yiftah Brigade in Al-Maghazi: https://bit.ly/3SqRv2x

Footage of the weapons production site: https://bit.ly/48HjEb4

Photos on the subject:https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/

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