January 21, 2024: IDF: Footage of a tunnel where hostages were held in Khan Yunis

Soldiers of the 98th Division operated in an underground tunnel in Khan Yunis where hostages were being held. The length of the tunnel was about 830 meters and it was about 20 meters deep. The entrance to the tunnel was booby-trapped, and inside it there were many obstacles, explosives, sliding doors and blast doors. While the soldiers were advancing through the tunnel, they encountered a number of terrorists. The soldiers fought against them and eliminated them. When the soldiers reached the tunnel, the hostages were already gone, as they were moved to another location.

As part of the examination of the tunnel, a central chamber where hostages were held and five barred prison cells were discovered. In addition, the soldiers located findings that indicated that hostages had been held there, intelligence and weapons belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

According to testimonies, there were about 20 hostages in the tunnel at different times. Some were released and some are still being held in Gaza.

The tunnel was located in the heart of a civilian area in Khan Yunis, and the entrance to it was located in the residence of a Hamas terrorist. According to intelligence estimates, millions of shekels were invested in the construction of the tunnel.

This tunnel was part of a branching underground network, dug by the Hamas terrorist organization, under Khan Yunis.
At the end of the examination, the tunnel was destroyed.

Aerial photograph of the tunnel route where the hostages were held: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC2101245089

Footage of the tunnel where the hostages were held: https://bit.ly/48Z1G3N

Illustration of part of the tunnel route: https://bit.ly/3SqQDLc

Footage of the destruction of the tunnel route: https://bit.ly/47DraTe

Photos from the tunnel:https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC200124508

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