January 23, 2024: IDF: Offensive and defensive operations: The IDF continues its activity in the southern Gaza Strip

In recent days, IDF troops from the 630th Reserve Battalion of the Southern Brigade have completed operations on the outskirts of Khan Yunis. Together with combat engineering teams, the battalion’s reserve soldiers worked to locate and dismantle both attack tunnels and underground infrastructure. The soldiers dismantled dozens of Hamas terrorist infrastructures in the northern outskirts of Khan Yunis.

As part of the IDF’s activity in the southern Gaza Strip, forces from the 261st Brigade operated to dismantle terrorist infrastructure. It appears that RPG missiles were fired toward the forces during the operation, and as a result of this firing and the simultaneous collapse of a nearby structure, 21 reserve soldiers were killed and others were injured. The families of the fallen soldiers have been notified, and the IDF will continue to support the families of the fallen soldiers and the wounded.

Footage from the 261st Brigade’s activity in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/47Gs4hO

Footage of the IDF’s defensive and offensive operations: https://bit.ly/3HuVHYH

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