January 24, 2024: IDF: A terrorist tunnel located a kilometer and a half from the border was destroyed: footage from the operational activity of the 646th Brigade combat team

Over the last week, the soldiers of the 646th Reserve Brigade, which operates under the 99th Division in the central ​​Gaza Strip, along with special forces of the Yahalom Unit, located a tunnel that connects between the north and the south of the Strip. The tunnel is located one and a half kilometers from the border with Israel. The tunnel is approximately one kilometer in length and 20 meters in depth. The underground route was investigated and dismantled by the engineering battalion and in cooperation with the Yahalom Unit.

During the operational activity in the area, the soldiers located anti-aircraft missiles, rocket launchers and equipment for the production and launch of rockets. In addition, dozens of warheads and electronic components for operating rockets were located.

Footage of the investigation of the tunnel route and its destruction: https://bit.ly/42b4tEF

Footage from the activity of the 646th Brigade in the center of Gaza: https://bit.ly/48KIEyp

Sync of the Commanding Officer of the 710th Battalion, LTC Yochai: hai: https://bit.ly/3U81ISI

Photos of weapons located in the area: ttps://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC945

Additional photos: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC240124

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