January 29, 2024: IDF: IDF operations in the Gaza Strip against terrorist operatives and infrastructure are continuing in Khan Yunis and Gaza City

During IDF activity in western Khan Yunis, IDF troops directed an aircraft that struck two compounds used as terrorist infrastructure and killed armed terrorists who were located inside them.

IDF commando forces identified and killed five terrorists, one of which was armed with an RPG. The forces conducted targeted raids on terror targets, located large quantities of weapons, including an RPG, military equipment, and technological assets.

Furthermore, in the area of Khan Yunis, IDF ground troops continued to conduct targeted raids on terrorist targets and located weapons and military equipment inside the residence of a Hamas terrorist. IDF troops also identified and killed four terrorists who were preparing to carry out an attack on IDF troops adjacent to the Al-Amal Hospital. The troops conducted a targeted raid on a compound that was used as an Islamic Jihad hideout and located weapons stored in the hideout.

Over the past day, IDF troops encountered and killed dozens of armed terrorists in battles in the central Gaza Strip. The troops were assisted by tank fire under the direction of field observers and infantry soldiers. In addition, the troops located large quantities of weapons in the area.

In the outskirts of Al-Shati in the northern Gaza Strip, over the past day, a number of armed terrorists were killed by IDF troops in various encounters. AK-47s, RPGs, explosive devices, missiles, as well as several launchers were located in the area.

IDF troops directed an aircraft that killed terrorists in the nothern Gaza Strip and IDF fighter jets struck a number of terror targets, including terrorist infrastructure, anti-tank posts, tunnel shafts, and observation posts.

Photos of the weapons located by IDF troops: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC29012024746

Photos of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC2901202484658

Video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/48P9uFG

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