January 29, 2024: IDF: The Commander of the 98th Division: “We are engaged in a simultaneous maneuver – fighting both above and below ground.” The forces continue to fight in the area and to dismantle Hamas battalions from the Khan Yunis Brigade.

During the fighting in Khan Yunis, combat teams from the 98th Division raided hundreds of locations with terrorist infrastructure and Hamas posts. The infrastructure included the battalion headquarters, the Hamas terrorist organization’s training compounds, communication posts, the Khan Yunis Brigade’s command center, a military intelligence building, a significant rocket manufacturing facility, and offices of many senior officials, including Yahya Sinwar’s office.

The combat in Khan Yunis involves simultaneous maneuvering with an integration of forces both above and below ground. So far, hundreds of tunnel shafts have been located and destroyed, some leading to significant strategic Hamas tunnels. In addition, hundreds of terrorists have been eliminated underground, in both face-to-face combat and aerial strikes. The forces are making significant progress in dismantling the underground terrain in Khan Yunis.

From the words of the Commander of the 98th Division, BG Dan Goldfus: “We are engaged in a simultaneous maneuver – fighting both above and below ground, operating with professionalism, with cooperation between special forces, commandos, and the division’s combat teams. Hamas terrorists are fleeing. We are striking them and their infrastructure both above and below ground.”

Footage of the activities of the 98th Division Forces in Khan Yunis: https://bit.ly/48UHa4O

Additional related images: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC290124979

Footage from a conversation with the Commander of the 98th Division, BG Dan Goldfus, in a tunnel in Khan Yunis: https://bit.ly/3u8mWW3

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