January 30, 2024: IDF: A Hamas terrorist cell that hid inside the “Ibn Sina” Hospital in Jenin and planned to carry out a terror attack in the immediate period was neutralized

During a joint IDF, ISA, and Israel Police counterterrorism activity overnight, Mohammed Jalamneh, a Hamas terrorist who had recently been involved in promoting significant terrorist activity and was hiding in the “Ibn Sina” Hospital in Jenin was neutralized. The wanted suspect also carried a gun, which was confiscated by the security forces.

Mohammed Jalamneh, 27, who had been in the Jenin Camp for a long period, had contacts with Hamas headquarters abroad and was even wounded when he tried to promote a car bombing attack. In addition, Jalamneh transferred weapons and ammunition to terrorists in order to promote shooting attacks, and planned a raid attack inspired by the October 7th massacre.

Along with Jalamneh, two additional terrorists who hid inside the hospital were neutralized. Mohammed Ghazawi from the Jenin Camp, a terrorist operative of the Jenin Battalions who was involved in numerous attacks including firing at IDF soldiers in the area, and Basel Ghazawi from the Jenin Camp, Mohammed’s brother, an Islamic Jihad terrorist organization operative involved in terror activities in the area.

Jalamneh planned to carry out a terror attack in the immediate future and used the hospital as a hiding place and therefore was neutralized. Israeli security forces will continue to act against any threat that would endanger the security of Israeli civilians.

For a long time, wanted suspects have been hiding in hospitals and using them as a base for planning terrorist activities and carrying out terror attacks, while they assume that the exploitation of hospitals will serve as protection against counterterrorism activities of Israeli security forces. This is another example of the cynical use of civilian areas and hospitals as shelters and human shields by terrorist organisations.

Photo of the weapon carried by the terrorist:https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC3001240951

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