Joint IDF and ISA announcement:

The IDF and ISA eliminated Subhi Ferwana, a prominent Hamas financier involved in transferring tens of millions of dollars to the Hamas terrorist organization’s military wing

In a targeted operation in the middle of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, Subhi Ferwana was eliminated by an IAF fighter jet directed by IDF and ISA intelligence. Ferwana was a prominent financier who, together with his brother, was involved in the transfer of tens of millions of dollars to the Hamas terrorist organization and its military wing in the Gaza Strip through their money exchange company, “Hamsat”, over the past few years.

Hamas’ military wing depends on these funds transferred to them via financiers and its capabilities are consequently diminished without them. Ferwana was one of the most prominent financiers and was able to transfer funds to Hamas’ military wing as required for war.

Ferwana transferred funds to Hamas’ military wing during the war and was aware that these funds would be vital for continuing the wing’s ability to fight. The funds were used – among other things – for intensification of military forces, the payment of terrorists’ salaries during the war, and to finance Hamas’ war activities.

Hamas uses financiers in order to receive the funds that are transferred to the terrorist organization from Iran and various fundraising sources abroad. The money changers carry out the transfers using the netting and money laundering method, while evading the international financial system.

The IDF, ISA, and other security forces will continue their efforts to dismantle Hamas’ funding lifeline.

Attached is an infographic of Subhi Ferwana, who was eliminated during a targeted operation:

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