Large quantities of weapons and a rocket launcher used to fire at Israel during the last week were located in the central Gaza Strip

During an operation in the area of Juhor ad-Dik, IDF troops located a weapons storage facility containing large quantities of weapons, as well as long-range rocket launchers from which rockets were fired toward Israeli territory. The launchers were destroyed in an aerial strike.

Over the past day, IDF troops also located large numbers of weapons inside a residence in Khan Yunis, including explosive devices as well as other weapons, ammunition, and military equipment.

IDF troops directed an IAF fighter jet to strike a Hamas engineering operative responsible for planting explosive devices near IDF troops. A terrorist cell that endangered the troops was struck.

Furthermore, a terrorist cell that exited from a tunnel and fired an RPG at IDF troops was struck and the tunnel route was destroyed.

Over the past two days, IDF troops have conducted intelligence-based targeted raids on compounds where Hamas terrorists were operating in a school on the outskirts of Shati. The troops located large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and maps belonging to Hamas.

In addition, IDF troops operated in southern Gaza City and located numerous weapons, shells, and explosive devices in a residence adjacent to a kindergarten. The troops also located a ready-to-use RPG on the windowsill of another residence, and a rocket launcher which was loaded and aimed at Israeli communities in southern Israel.

Overnight, the Israeli Navy carried out strikes on Hamas terror targets along the coastline to assist forces operating on the ground in the Gaza Strip.

Attached are photos of located weapons:

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