March 01, 2024: IDF: Locating many weapons and terrorist fire from within buildings: the Givati ​​Brigade combat team targeted dozens of terrorist infrastructure in Abasan in Khan Yunis

Over the past week the Givati Brigade combat team has been operating in Abasan in eastern Khan Yunis, located approximately 2 kilometers from the border. The forces carried out several operations in the area and eliminated dozens of terrorists.

The operation began with aerial strikes in cooperation with the brigade’s Fire Control Center, including strikes on dozens of terrorist targets above and below the ground.

The soldiers operated in the area of Abasan al-Saghira. During one of their operations searching the houses of terrorist operatives, the forces located a hideout where they found weapons, including anti tank missiles, drones, sniper rifles, Kalashnikov Rifles, grenades, explosives, RPG missiles and more.

While searching terrorist infrastructure in the area, the soldiers of the Givati Reconnaissance Battalion encountered terrorists who opened fire on them from close range. The forces returned fire within seconds and eliminated the terrorists. SSGT Ido Eli Zrihen z”l and SSGT Narya Belete z”l were killed in action during this battle.

Terrorists from Abasan infiltrated and attacked the communities of Kissufim, Ein HaShlosha, Nirim and Nir Oz on October 7, 2023.

Footage from the activity of the Givati Brigade’s forces:

Footage of the elimination of a terrorist by the Givati Brigade’s combat team:

Photos of weapons located by the forces:

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