March 01, 2024: IDF: Terrorists hiding in a school and weapons located in safe houses: The 7th Brigade combat team’s operational activity in western Khan Yunis

The 7th Brigade combat team is continuing to fight in western Khan Yunis, eliminating terrorists and destroying terrorist infrastructure.

Over the past week, troops operated in a variety of areas where IDF forces have yet to operate and conducted targeted raids on the houses of senior Hamas operatives.

The soldiers encountered dozens of terrorists in the heart of a residential neighborhood and eliminated them utilizing tank fire, close-quarters combat and guided aerial fire.

The soldiers located ammunition magazines, RPG missiles, explosives, Kalashnikov rifles, uniforms and Hamas military equipment in the terrorists’ houses.

During a targeted raid on terrorist infrastructure in western Khan Yunis, the troops apprehended dozens of terrorists who were hiding in a school at the time of the operational activity. During their investigations, the terrorists provided intelligence that was transferred directly to the forces operating in Khan Yunis. Additionally, the Brigade’s Fire Control Center eliminated five armed terrorists in a vehicle, that had posed a threat to IDF troops.

Footage of the 7th Brigade combat team:

Footage of the elimination of terrorists from the air by the Brigade’s Fire Control Center:

Photos of the weapons located:

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