March 01, 2024: IDF: The Central Command completed a Training Program in preparation for escalation. The training involved scenarios ranging from ambushes and violent riots to community protection

The Central Command’s training program for commanders was held this week at the Lachish training base. The program, intended for both active duty and reserve commanders, was overseen by the Chief of Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi and the Commanding Officer of the Central Command, MG Yehuda Fuchs.

As part of the program, battalion commanders went through a variety of stations led by brigade commanders in which they simulated various scenarios and learned approaches to dealing with them. They reviewed lessons learned from recent incidents through planning and analysis of the operational responses.
The purpose of the program is to improve the Central Command leadership’s preparation and competency in the event of potential escalations.

Chief of the General Staff LTG Herzi Halevi:
“The IDF and the ISA’s intensive counterterrorism efforts in Judea and Samaria prevent an escalation in the security situation and allow us to focus on fighting in Gaza and Lebanon and to achieve important results. You have great responsibility in Judea and Samaria to achieve the goals of the war and to arrive strong and prepared to each mission. This is even more important before Ramadan. We could not have accomplished these achievements without the outstanding reservists who are here; I greatly appreciate your significant work in all arenas.”

Commanding Officer of the Central Command, MG Yehuda Fuchs:
“Readiness for an escalation is fundamental; every day, you must improve your abilities in preparation for the next day. There may be an incident, whether real or not, that could lead hundreds of thousands to take to the streets, and this needs to be anticipated and prepared for in every respect. I’d like to express my deep appreciation to everyone who worked hard on this important, meaningful and educational day.”

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