March 02, 2024: IDF: Footage of the Commando Brigade’s offensive in western Khan Yunis: Soldiers of the Egoz Unit operated in compounds affiliated with senior Hamas operatives and combat areas

The Commando Brigade’s soldiers are engaged in intense combat in western Khan Yunis, during which they are eliminating dozens of terrorists and conducting operations in terrorist infrastructures following precise intelligence.

Soldiers of the Egoz Unit operated in a compound affiliated with Yahya Sinwar, where they located an AK-47 hidden in the building. The soldiers also operated in an additional building where large amounts of military equipment were located, including Hamas uniforms, vests, submachine guns, binoculars, a laptop and ammunition.

In recent weeks, the soldiers of the Commando Brigade’s Training School and its commanders joined the combat alongside the Commando Brigade and other brigades in Khan Yunis. The soldiers eliminated dozens of terrorists and conducted targeted operational activities on terrorist infrastructure, in which mortars, terrorist combat equipment, weapons and grenades were located.

Footage from the body cams of soldiers of Egoz Unit soldiers:

Photos of the weapons located in the area:

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