March 03, 2024: IDF: IAF aircraft strikes a terrorist cell, terrorists escape and hide in an ambulance: footage from the operations of the 401st Brigade’s combat team in Zaytun

Zaytun, northern Gaza: As part of an operation conducted by the 162nd Division, the soldiers of the 401st Brigade, directed by intelligence, conducted operational activities in Hamas terrorist targets.

During the operational activities, the soldiers eliminated over 100 terrorists and located and destroyed over 35 terrorist infrastructure belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including weapons storage and manufacturing facilities. The forces operated special drones that scanned the targets and assisted in the quick elimination of threats. Dozens of terrorists were apprehended in this manner, questioned, and provided intelligence about terrorist organizations. This intelligence will assist in future activities. The forces engaged in an operation to uncover areas based on intelligence indicating the presence of Hamas launching and underground means. The forces located and destroyed hundreds of launch pits and launchers.

As part of the force’s operation in a terrorist infrastructure, a Hamas terrorist cell fired an anti-tank missile from close range toward our forces. An IAF aircraft responded quickly, identifying and striking the cell. Several terrorists were eliminated in the strike, and the rest were seen escaping and hiding in an ambulance.

In a separate incident, the forces spotted a Hamas sniper who fired from a building adjacent to them. An aircraft struck the sniper, eliminating him. The forces also destroyed terrorist infrastructure belonging to a senior Hamas operative, the Commander of the Gaza City Brigade, Ad Aladdin Haddad.

Footage of the operations of the 401st Brigade’s combat team:

Sync by the Commanding Officer of the 401st Brigade, COL Benny Aharon:

Footage of the terrorists who hid in an ambulance and the elimination of the Hamas sniper:

Drone footage of the elimination of terrorists who were transporting weapons and explosive devices:

Infographic of the location of the terrorist targets in Zaytun in which the forces operated:

Photos of weapons located by the forces:

Photos of the rocket launchers and a weapons manufacturing facility:

Photos of the forces in the area:

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