March 04, 2024: “I’m inside, I’m inside with the Jews,” “We have female hostages, I captured one” – Incriminating Recordings Reveal that UNRWA Teachers Took Part in the October 7 Massacre

According to intelligence, over 450 terrorists belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, mainly Hamas, are also employed by UNRWA.

The IDF is exposing two recordings incriminating two UNRWA teachers who took part in the October 7 massacre.

The first recording is of a terrorist working as an Arabic teacher at an UNRWA school in ‘Deir al-Balah’ describing his entry into Israeli territory and stating that he is holding female Israeli hostages.

The second recording features an additional terrorist who is also an elementary school teacher at an UNRWA school in Khan Yunis, telling his family he is inside Israeli territory.

Terror organizations in the Gaza Strip routinely exploit international aid organizations for terror purposes.

Recorded conversation of a Hamas terrorist working as a teacher at an UNRWA school in Deir al-Balah:

Recorded conversation in which an Islamic Jihad terrorist employed as a teacher in an UNRWA school states that he is inside Israel:

Infographic with descriptions of the UNRWA workers that took part in the October 7 massacre:

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