March 06, 2024: IDF: The Commando Brigade, along with the Israel Security Agency (ISA), raided terrorist infrastructure in ‘Hamad Towers’, apprehended terrorists, and located weapons. Forces of the 98th Division continue operations in the Hamad area of Khan Yunis

The 98th Division continues operations in the Hamad area in western Khan Yunis, eliminating terrorists in the area.

Soldiers of the Maglan and Egoz units of the Commando Brigade, in cooperation with Shayetet 13, arrived covertly in the area and began moving from building to building together with the ISA coordinators through terrorist infrastructure in ‘Hamad Towers’, which are significant multi-story buildings in the area used by the Hamas terrorist organization.

The soldiers apprehended many terrorists who surrendered, including a Hamas sniper cell commander and two Hamas squad commanders. In addition, the soldiers located numerous weapons, including Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, vests, RPGs, explosives, ammunition, explosive kits, and closed-circuit diving systems intended for military and terrorist use.

Combat teams of the 7th and Givati brigades are sealing off the terrorist infrastructure in the area and are operating in additional locations. The 7th Brigade, in cooperation with Unit 504 and the ISA, has apprehended up to 250 terrorists from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations so far. Some of the terrorists apprehended participated in the October 7th massacre, and some are terrorists from the Nukhba force. The terrorists are being interrogated and providing information that assists the continuation of the combat.

Pictures of the weapons located by the Commando Brigade:

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