March 11, 2024: IDF: Soldiers of the Egoz Unit encounter armed terrorists in a building in the Hamad area

Soldiers from the Egoz Unit of the Commando Brigade continue operating in the Hamad area of Khan Yunis. The soldiers are conducting targeted raids on terrorist infrastructure, locating weapons, eliminating dozens of terrorists and apprehending those who surrender to the forces.

During scans of a building, terrorists opened fire on the soldiers. Using a drone, the soldiers identified the terrorists and returned fire. During the encounter, the soldiers precisely launched a ‘Matador’ missile at the room the terrorist was in, and were able to avoid harming a woman and two children who were in the adjacent room. The soldiers eliminated three armed terrorists, and another terrorist surrendered and was transferred for further interrogation by the security forces. The forces evacuated the woman and two children from the building and transferred them for medical treatment.

Footage from the operations of the Egoz Unit and the rescue of the civilians:

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