March 13, 2024: IDF: The 98th Division’s operations in the Hamad area in Khan YunisMarch 12, 2024:

The Commando Brigade is operating in the Hamad area and other parts of western Khan Yunis, in coordination with the Israeli Air Force in combined ground operations.

The operations include targeted raids on terror operatives and infrastructure embedded in multi-story buildings, during which approximately one hundred terrorists were eliminated. The operations also involved more than one hundred aerial strikes carried out in close proximity to the ground forces.

During the forces’ activity, soldiers from the Maglan, Egoz, and Givati Reconnaissance Units apprehended a number of terrorists, including a commander from Hamas’ Nukhba Forces. Intelligence gathered from the apprehended terrorists precisely directed the forces to other terror infrastructure in the area, including tunnel shafts, booby traps, and the locations of other terrorists.

Soldiers of the Givati Reconnaissance Unit apprehended a Hamas operative in the Khan Yunis Brigade. His interrogation led the forces to terror infrastructure from which approximately fifteen terrorists were operating. The terrorists were eliminated and the location was destroyed by aircraft directed by the forces.

Footage from the Givati Brigade’s operations in the Hamad area:

Footage from the strike on a building in which 15 terrorists were operating:

Photo of the weapons found by the Givati Brigade:

Additional photos:

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