March 12, 2024: IDF: The terrorist who fired rockets toward Israel was eliminated after exiting the launch site; in the central Gaza Strip rocket launchers that fired toward Israel were dismantled.

Troops from the Egoz Unit are continuing to operate and conduct targeted raids in the Hamad area of Khan Yunis. The troops located a military compound containing weapons in the area, including AK-47 rifles, vests, and explosive devices.

Over the past day, IDF troops assisted by the IAF struck a terrorist who fired mortar shells at Israeli territory. The troops monitored the source of the fire, identified the terrorist who exited the launch site, and directed an aircraft that struck the terrorist. In response to the launches, IDF fighter jets also struck military compounds and terrorist infrastructure.

Furthermore in the area of Hamad, four terrorists attempted to plant an explosive device adjacent to a compound where IDF troops were located. Combat teams of the Givati Brigade directed an aircraft that eliminated a terrorist cell.

Troops of the 162nd Division are continuing to operate in the northern and central Gaza Strip. Over the past day, combat teams of the Nahal Brigade operated based on precise intelligence and located rocket launchers from which launches were fired at Israeli territory. The troops cleared the area of weapons and dismantled the launchers. In addition, two rockets were fired at IDF troops, who located the terrorists that exited the source of the fire. In response, an aircraft eliminated the terrorists. No IDF injuries were reported.

Video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Photos of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip:

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