March 14, 2024: IDF: IDF operations against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip continue

Yesterday (Wednesday), a mortar shell fired from central Gaza toward Kibbutz Nahal Oz in southern Israel fell inside the Gaza Strip. Within a few minutes, the terrorists responsible for the attempted launch were struck and eliminated by IDF aircraft.

In central Gaza, a terrorist cell located adjacent to the troops was identified and eliminated using tank fire. An additional terrorist was killed in the area during a joint IDF and IAF aerial strike.

IDF troops of the 98th Division are continuing to operate in Khan Yunis, conducting targeted raids on terror targets and eliminating terrorists.

In Hamad, IDF troops conducted targeted raids on structures in the area, during which rocket launchers were destroyed. After identifying two terrorist operatives in the area, the troops directed an aircraft to strike and eliminate them.

In the area of Bani Suheila, three terrorists approaching forces in the area were killed by tank fire. IDF troops also directed an aircraft to strike and eliminate two terrorists that were located adjacent to a Hamas weapons storage facility in the area.

Video footage of the strike on the terrorists who attempted to fire at Kibbutz Nahal Oz:

Video footage of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Photos of the IDF troops’ operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

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