March 13, 2024: IDF: The Chief of the General Staff to the observation soldiers at the Gaza border: We really trust you. We will investigate, learn and move forward

Yesterday (Tuesday) the Chief of the General Staff visited the 414 Field Intelligence Unit on the border of the Gaza Strip and held a conversation with observation soldiers and Field Intelligence combat soldiers together with the Commanding Officer of the Gaza Division, BG Avi Rosenfeld.

Video from the conversation of the Chief of the General Staff with the observation soldiers:

Related video:

Additional photos:

Full statement of the Chief of the General Staff: “We look at what is being done here in such a Situation Room and in many other Situation Rooms, on all our borders around the country as something very, very important, a critical component in our ability to provide protection at the borders, and this Unit of Field Intelligence, of the observation soldiers, who actually experienced on October 7th both very important work that contributed to the understanding of what was happening, and also a difficult experience. A lot of appreciation for the work done on the 7th of October and above all for a lot of resilience on returning to work, working seriously and working professionally. We really, really trust the work you do. We had a difficult point, we will learn and go very, very significantly forward.’

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