March 19, 2024: IDF: A New Brigade in the IDF: The “HeHarim” Brigade Will Begin Activity on the Northern Border

As part of the operational response to the situation on the northern border and in accordance with the situational assessment, the “Heharim” (The Mountains) Brigade, a new IDF brigade that will operate on the Syria-Lebanon border, was established. The brigade will operate under the 210th Division and defend the Mount Hermon and Mount Dov sectors in place of the 810th Hermon Brigade.
COL Liron Appleman was appointed as the commander of the brigade.

Following joint efforts of various IDF bodies and an analysis of the IDF’s operational needs during war, the “Heharim” Brigade will begin its activity in the coming weeks. The brigade will specialize in combat in difficult terrain and warfare in mountainous areas, including Mount Hermon and Mount Dov.

Commanding Officer of the 210th Division BG Zion Ratzon:
“The establishment of the brigade will provide a high-quality operational response and enable preparation for both defensive and offensive measures in a variety of scenarios that correspond to the terrain and the enemy in the region, on both fronts simultaneously—Lebanon and Syria.”

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IDF archive footage from the soldiers’ activity in the area:

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