March 21, 2024: IDF: Identifying an Armed Terrorist in a Building Using an IDF Drone: Commando Brigade Soldiers Operated in Dozens of Terrorist Infrastructures in the Hamad Area

Directed by IDF intelligence and the ISA, the Commando Brigade’s troops executed targeted raids on approximately 100 structures in the Hamad area of Khan Yunis, locating several weapons and eliminating dozens of terrorists.

During the operation, the soldiers encountered armed terrorists who barricaded themselves on various floors of the buildings in the area and eliminated them in close-quarters combat. In one particular instance, a terrorist was identified using an IDF drone. The terrorist was eliminated.

The soldiers also apprehended dozens of terrorists who surrendered themselves and transferred them for further investigation.

The operation was carried out in close cooperation with the Israeli Air Force, which struck terror targets in preparation for the maneuver in support of the ground forces.

Footage of the identification of the armed terrorist using an IDF drone:

Body camera footage from the Egoz Unit’s activity in the Hamad area:

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