March 21, 2024: Joint IDF and ISA announcement:

Senior Hamas Officials Apprehended, Over 140 Terrorists Eliminated in Close-Quarters Encounters and Islamic Jihad Operatives Surrendered Themselves: The IDF and ISA Continue Searches in the Shifa Hospital

This week, troops under the command of the 162nd Division led the special operation at the Shifa Hospital. The division is operating in northern and central Gaza, significantly reducing Hamas’ terrorist capabilities.

Approximately 600 terrorists have been apprehended thus far, and more than 140 terrorists have been eliminated in encounters. Several weapons and intelligence documents that contribute to the ongoing combat were discovered during searches in the hospital.

The Islamic Jihad operatives in the hospital complex surrendered themselves to the troops, among them senior officials who were transferred to the ISA for further investigation, including:

Huasem Salama, responsible for intelligence and Head of the Observations Array in the Gaza Brigade, and his brother, Wissam Salama, in charge of combat propaganda in the Islamic Jihad’s Gaza Division.

Moreover, among those arrested are three senior officials from Hamas’ West Bank headquarters who direct terrorist activity from Judea and Samaria and were also transferred to the ISA for further investigation: Omar Azida, head of the Nablus Committee responsible for Hamas terrorist activity in the area, Mahmoud Kwasma, who planned and financed the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in 2014 and Hamdallah Hassan Ali, who promoted terrorist activity in Judea and Samaria in recent years.

The fighting in the area of the hospital continues with significant engagements with the enemy and exchanges of fire. The forces are continuing to operate in and to search the area, locating weapons and apprehending terrorists in close-quarter encounters.

Infographic showing some of the senior terror operatives located by IDF soldiers in the area of ​​the hospital:

Footage from the activity of the 162nd Division and of the Commanding Officer of the 162nd Division, BG Itzik Cohen, in a conversation with his commanders:

Footage from the joint situational assessment of the Commanding Officer of the 162nd Division with the Commanding Officer of Shayetet 13:

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