Joint IDF and ISA announcement:

Embargo for publication: this evening (Sunday), 19:00 IST

Fortified Terror Tunnel Exposed Underneath the Shifa Hospital Complex

Based on IDF and ISA intelligence, IDF troops exposed a 55-meter-long terror tunnel 10 meters deep underneath the Shifa Hospital complex.

A deep staircase leads to the entrance of the tunnel shaft, which consists of various defense means including a blast-proof door and a firing hole. This type of door is used by the Hamas terrorist organization to block Israeli forces from entering the command centers and the underground assets belonging to Hamas.

The tunnel shaft was uncovered in the area of the hospital underneath a shed alongside a vehicle containing numerous weapons including RPGs, explosives, and Kalashnikov rifles.

IDF and ISA forces are continuing to uncover the route of the tunnel.

Footage from Thursday, November 16, 2023, of the vehicle in which numerous weapons were found:

Footage of the tunnel shaft:

The footage attached was filmed inside the tunnel and was recorded using two separate technological assets.

Here are the two separate clips of footage from each one.

One-shot footage of the entrance and movement in the terrorist tunnel, from asset 1:

Footage of the descent into the tunnel from the technological asset 2:

Aerial photos of the Shifa Hospital complex near Hamas terrorist infrastructure locations found, including explosive devices in the physical therapy ward, an interrogation room in the cardiology ward, weapons and intelligence in the MRI center, and a tunnel shaft that was located near the Qatari Building of the hospital:

The findings clearly prove that numerous buildings in the hospital’s complex are used by Hamas as cover for terrorist infrastructure and activities. This is further evidence of the cynical manner Hamas uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as a human shield for their murderous terrorist activities.

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