Over a million dollars to finance cement was located: the 98th Division identified intelligence materials during its operations in the area of Khan Yunis

For the past three weeks, the soldiers of the 98th Division have been operating in the Khan Yunis area, during which they are destroying enemy and terrorist infrastructure. The forces eliminated many terrorists in close-quarter battles, located dozens of tunnel shafts that were destroyed and exposed significant intelligence materials that contributed to increasing the effectiveness of the operation.

In the last week, as the operation in Khan Yunis intensified, the Kfir Brigade joined the divisional strike, joining the Armored, Infantry and Commando Brigades.

The operation is accompanied by a close and precise fire plan known as the “Fire Belt”. The 214th Artillery Brigade and the Commando Brigade strike using guided and accurate weapons such as the ‘Iron Sting’ and other precision missiles. So far, hundreds of terrorist targets have been struck. In addition, the IDF and ISA forces eliminated many terrorists through airstrikes, including the Head of Khan Yunis’s UAV Array, the Commander of the Observation Company and field-level Nukhba Commanders in the Khan Yunis Brigade.

In addition, during the activity of the forces in the area, a report addressed to the Commander of the Hamas’ Khan Yunis Brigade was found, regarding the financial expenses for 2022. This is the amount paid to Hamas’ battalions to cover the expenses of the production of doors and concrete during this year. The expenses exceed one million dollars. Attached is an image of the report: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/anc21122023685445

Attached are photos of the 98th Division in Khan Yunis: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC58459

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