The IDF is continuing operations against terrorists in Shejaiya, Jabalya and Khan Yunis

Over the last day, IDF infantry soldiers engaged and eliminated terrorists during close-quarters combat in the northern Gaza Strip. In one incident, Armored Corps troops fired at and killed Hamas operatives who were spotted observing the soldiers. IDF troops also conducted searches in a central operating site for Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion located inside a school compound. During the searches, the troops located firing positions used to carry out attacks on IDF troops. The troops completed the mission of targeting the terrorists and then dismantled military infrastructure found in the compound.

Furthermore, IDF special forces conducted targeted raids on a number of locations in the area of Khan Yunis where they located weapons, grenades, and Kalashnikov rifles. The forces destroyed two tunnel shafts, a rocket launching pit and a weapons storage facility.

During operational activity to dismantle terrorist infrastructure in Jabalya, IDF troops seized weapons, and engaged and killed a number of terrorists.

IDF combat intelligence troops also identified a Hamas sniper firing from a building toward IDF troops. The troops directed the IAF to conduct a precise strike against the sniper inside the building.

Attached is video footage of the identification and precise strike on the Hamas sniper:

Attached are photos of the IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is video footage of the IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

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